PERMACRYL® Liquid Basic Dyes for Paper

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PERMACRYL basic dyes are specially suited for beater, pulper and calender stain application for paper board. These dyes are highly recommended for unbleached Kraft and groundwood coarse paper applications such as:

  • Kraft paper and paper board
  • Construction papers
  • News, book and magazine papers
  • Recycled papers
  • Container board
  • Imitation Kraft
  • Sealing tapes
  • Glassine papers

PERMACRYL Chrysoidine MR Liquid
PERMACRYL Methyl Violet 2B Liquid
PERMACRYL Crystal Violet Liquid
PERMACRYL Rhodamine B Liquid
PERMACRYL Victoria Pure Blue BO Liquid
PERMACRYL Green Liquid

Liquid and powder dyes are illustrated in separate categories due to slight shade variations between the two forms.

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