VERDACOL™ Colors for Wood Mulch

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  • Deep Permanent Colors Withstand Extreme Weathering

  • All Natural Pigments are Non-Toxic and Safe for Home Use

  • Consistent Viscosity Offers Easy Handling and Clean-Up

VERDACOL™ colors are a distinct class of aqueous dispersions specifically developed for the mulch coloring industry.

These colors are made using the most stable natural pigments on earth and provide deep permanent coloration on most wood mulches. VERDACOL colors are carefully formulated in our technical lab to guarantee a consistent shade from shipment to shipment.

To ensure the highest penetration, we maintain strict particle size consistency so that our VERDACOL colors provide maximum adhesion and retain their deep shade for an extended period – even under the most extreme weather conditions.

Our aqueous dispersions offer excellent compatibility and mix readily with water. Their consistent viscosity minimizes settling so that VERDACOL colors are ready to pour, easy to pump and offer trouble-free handling and clean-up.

VERDACOL colors contain no toxic materials and are 100% compliant with EPA requirements for mulch applications to assure you that our products are environmentally responsible and safe for residential use.

The shades illustrated on this website are intended to convey the general color characteristics of each dye and are not intended to be an accurate representation of how the finished dyeings will actually appear. Due to differences in computer monitors, screen resolutions and graphics cards, the colors displayed here may vary.

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