Technical Services

technical servicesIndustry Professionals

Our technical sales representatives are seasoned veterans with firsthand knowledge in the field of color chemistry.

They can offer expert technical advice on color selection, auxiliaries and application procedures and furnish you with:

  • Product samples for evaluation
  • Illustrations on various substrates
  • Technical Data Bulletins
  • Material Safety Data Sheets

Laboratory Analysis

mathis logoOur lab is equipped with the latest technology for evaluating dyes, pigments and pigment dispersions to perform:


  • Light Fastness Testing
  • Wash Fastness Testing
  • Filtration Testing
  • Solubility Testing
  • Drawdown Comparisons
  • Particle Size Measurement
  • Viscosity Measurement
  • Competitive Product Comparisons


Custom Shade Matching

DatacolorUsing state-of-the-art spectrophotometers and the latest color management system from Datacolor, we can quickly and accurately evaluate any custom color.

We can match your custom shades using the reflectance value of the substrate of your choice — usually within 48 hours.

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